Monday 7 July 2008

Taxco, Mexico

Postmark illegible, dated 6 February 1983.

Tienda La Mision y la Parroquia de Sta Prisca
La Mision store and the Sta Prisca Parish
Taxco, Gro. México

Sent from Taxco by my sister. At the time I had no idea I would visit the same place 15 years or so later.

Taxco, once a silver mining centre, is a very picturesque town, built on the side of a mountain. The houses are white with red tile roofs, and the streets are very narrow and steep. Believe me when I say you really do not want to drive there.

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  1. Nice blog! Creative idea!

    This postcard brought some sweet memories. As a kid my parents took my sisters and I on a trip around Mexico!

    Taxco, I will never forget! It is like stepping back in time. The people are kind and simple.

    Yes the streets were very narrow and what a workout walking on the street!

    I remember my parents bought me some silver jewelry. Whatever happened to it?

    I think now I would like to take my kids there. Not very fancy or modern and that's exactly why it is so worth the visit!


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