Thursday, 24 July 2008

A week in Paris (part 7): Les Bouquinistes

Never posted, bought 1991.

1726 - Paris
Les Bouquinistes.
Au fond la Cathédrale Notre-Dame.

Never posted, bought 1991

1671 - Paris
Notre Dame et les Bouquinistes
Notre Dame and the second-hand booksellers
Notre Dame und die Buchhändler
(also in Japanese I think, but I'm not attempting to reproduce that)

Les Bouquinisites, although translated literally as second-hand booksellers, has a particular meaning in Paris. Along the banks of the Seine, near Notre Dame, you find stalls selling old books, postcards and prints. The boxes used as a basis for the stalls are regulated, they must be painted a precise shade of green and be specific dimensions. Each seller has 4 boxes and only one should sell tourist items (in theory). They should be open at least 4 days a week.

If you enjoy rummaging through old books (or postcards!) you will love this area. I could spend hours looking at all of them.

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