Wednesday 20 August 2008


Postmark illegible, dated 21 May 1997.

Dartmoor: the mysterious windswept hills of Devon, climbing to over 2,000 feet above sea level, are a paradise for those who wish to leave the turmoil of modern modern civilisation behind for a while. Picturesque granite-built villages nestle in folds of the moor, such as Widecombe, made famous in song, and antiquities, hut circles and clapper bridges abound. Dartmoor ponies will be found grazing in all parts of the moor.

The moor covers 368 square miles (953 square km). Over half of it is private land, much of it owned by the Prince of Wales, but there are no restrictions on where people can walk, even the areas used by the army.
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  1. My first memories of Dartmoor are on Sunday School outings once a year. Now I love to have trips out there when I go to visit my sister in Torquay, where we were both brought up. She has never left.


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