Friday 15 August 2008


Although obviously an old card, it has neither been posted nor dated.
Green Lanes Dollymount Co. Dublin  9211

This is a very special card for me, found in a bundle of others. It brings back so many memories.

Dollymount is a suburban area of Dublin, part of Clontarf. The name of Dollymount seems to have originated from a house of the same name. The house must have been renamed because it disappears from the records, then in 1838 the name reappears as an area as Green Lanes, Dollymount, the name on this card. It is thought that the name was first used by a member of the Vernon family for his wife Dorothy or Dolly. My grandmother's family lived on Vernon Avenue.

Dollymount as a name also appears as Dollymount Strand, the beach on Bull Island, which is connnected to Clontarf by a wooden bridge. My grandmother and her sister ran a small shop on the sea front, facing Bull Island. As a child I spent many happy hours playing on Dollymount Strand. My parents moved away from the area but I returned many times when visiting my grandmother. The last time I was there my grandmother was no longer there, but I had a charming young man for company.

1 comment:

  1. Dollymount.. sounds like a place to go.
    must be better than blackpool, Eh ?

    btw, I've become addicted to your blog; as I'm here most everyday enjoying the cards.


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