Sunday 24 August 2008


Never posted. Bought August 1993.

Genova - Nervi

I bought this when we stayed overnight in Genoa on the way to Florence. Genoa itself is quite an amazing place, or was. It was like walking back into medieval times. Nervi is slightly further along the coast, also very ancient. It has a wonderful promenade following the coast and clinging to the cliffs at some points. The scenery is spectacular.

Postmarked Genova Ferrovia, and dated 17 November 1917.

Ansaldo's Direction and Staff
San Pier d'Arena, Novembre 1917

San Pier d'Arena is now Sampierdarena and an area of Genoa. The Ansaldo ship-building and armaments company was the probably the most important industrial activity in the town. The message on the card reads:
Dear Mum & Elsie
I am in best of health and going on great.
From Sidder
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  1. Wow! My City! I'm from Genoa! What a wonderful postcards...I love Nervi, it's one of my favorite place. The promenade is something breathtaking, especially in winter (for me...).
    The second one is from Albaro, one of Genoa's most elegant quarter, near Nervi, on the east. Sampiarderena is on the west side, and now it's no more an industrial zone because they are dismantling all industries (for pollution and the general economical crisis).
    Thanks for posting them!

  2. I am so pleased to hear from you Ludovico. I'm always delighted when I have shown a card that means something to someone. I do have a few more cards from Nervi somewhere - I will post them in time. It was a beautiful spot and for us a little unexpected. I know better now.

  3. I'll wait for your next ones!


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