Friday, 8 August 2008

A week in Venice (day 7): canal

Never posted, and again from the collection dated between the two world wars.

An unidentified canal. This is a different style from the other cards but all of these old ones seem to show Venice in the evening. This week has made me want to return before too long to this most romantic of cities.


  1. It looks so lovely - we wish we could go visit!

  2. I've been to Venice several times, it's a magical city and seeing as I live in Italy I have the best of both worlds, great site!

  3. We were there last week! And what a great display of culture preserved!

  4. Hi! This picture reminds me of the picture in my book back in my school days... all the love stories I read that brought Venice into view. I have not gone there and perhaps never will get a chance to see the romantic city.

  5. It is the most wonderful place. I'm already making tentative plans for yet another return.


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