Tuesday 23 September 2008

Peterborough, Canada

Postmarked Ottawa, dated 26 August 1983.

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
World famous hydraulic lift lock completed in 1904, lift 65 feet, each chamber is 140 feet by 33 feet and holds 1300 tons of water. It takes 12 minutes to lock through.

No external power is used to operate the Peterborough lift lock. When one compartment reaches the top, it stops slightly below the level of the canal. When the gates are opened, the weight of the water flowing in is enough to power the hydraulic lift. As one compartment lowers, it pushes the other to the top.

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  1. that is totally fascinating.
    green in design and operation.

    another nice visit to a great blog.
    so how are you these days - guess what,
    I'm about ready to buy that ad, finally.

    thanks for the drops and the friendship,


  2. That is absolutely amazing. The water works the hydraulic. No power needed. I am in awe. The postcard is beautiful.

  3. As an amateur inventor, I am always trying to think of ways to produce power or useful energy without using traditional fuels. One of my interests is the use of the ocean's tides to create electrical power. Or huge weights, as was done commonly before the turn of the last century, but for some reason fell from favor. The Hydraulic boat lift at Petersborough is an interesting combination of the two ideas. (You just knew there was going to be a connection to your post eventually!)

  4. I reviewed this site here:


  5. @RE Ausetkmt, I hadn't really thought of the green aspect, but of course! Your ad will run in a few days time :)
    @Karen, thanks!
    @Yummy, you'll have to tell more about all that!
    @News Pie, very many thanks for you kind words.


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