Saturday 6 September 2008

Swing dancers

Never posted. It was sent to me inside a book in 2004.

Winner of the Photographer of the Year 2002
Title: "Swing Dancers" by Alan Spencer, Bury, Lanacashire, England.
Sponsored by O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, The Irish Independent, & Fuji Photo Film (Ireland) Ltd.
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bars are Official sponsors of the Special Olympic World Summer Games 2003.

I never tire of looking at this card:  the couple dancing with such enthusiasm, the rainy platform, the advertisement for Brooke Bond Tea, the flags, the man in the background wearing sandals and white socks. Above all I like the international flavour.

I'm almost certain the station pictured is Rawtenstall in the north west of England, once part of the national railway network but now managed by the East Lancashire Railway.


  1. That's a great pictue - it made me smile.

  2. I like this swing dance couple! Nice!

  3. You could do that. With the right partner. Bet you could. And I would take your picture. :)

  4. @Valdese Blogger, makes me smile too!
    @MBL,thanks, I like it too.
    @Max, yes, I'd love to do that with the right partner, but you wouldn't be taking any photos :)


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