Monday 13 October 2008

Agde, France

Never posted. Bought 2006.

Le Languedoc touristique
Agde (Hérault - France)
"Perle noire de la Méditerranée"
Ce surnom provient de la construction en pierre de la lave noire, provenant d'un volan à proximité, de nombreuses demeures et monuments dont la cathédrale St Etienne.
"Black pearl of the Meditarranean"
This name comes from the many houses and monuments, one of which is the cathedral, built in black lava from a nearby volcano.

I bought this card myself when I was there about two years ago. I have to say the black lava, or basalt, makes the place look rather gloomy and the architecture seems heavy to me. Nevertheless it seems a popular place, a stopping off point for people who are having boating holidays on the Canal du Midi. It must be popular, it is a considerable challenge finding a parking place.
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  1. I just recently returned from a short trip to France - Paris actually - and I have to say I have to get back there soon! I love Paris so much I want to see the rest of the country.

  2. Hi Martha! There are quite a few cards from Paris already up here, if you have a rummage around. In fact there are more French cards than anything else, now that I look. I had better be more careful with my "random" postings. :)


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