Wednesday 22 October 2008

Oporto, Portugal

Postmarked, I think, Gaia, Norte, and dated 9 October 2008.

Congregados Church.

The church was built around 1700 with azulejos, blue and white tiles over much of its façade. It is one of many churches of note in Oporto, whose official name is Porto, a World heritage site.

I looked up Gaia, the town where the card was posted. Its name is Vila Nova de Gaia which sounded to me like a new town, but in fact dates back to Roman times when it was called the city of Cale. It is very close to Oporto and the double city of Porto and Cale became known as villa de Portucale and the county around it as Condado Portucalense.
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  1. wow. some striking color on that church. :O lovely.

  2. Beautiful church!

  3. I lived in Galicia, Spain for several years which borders the North of Oporto. This whole region is amazing with some of the most pristine waters and forests in Europe. If I had a place to choose for a scenic holiday in Portugal I would choose Oporto hands down.

    And the food is to die for!

  4. ola

    I lived near Porto (Argoncilhe)for 5 years. I love Portugal, it's fantastic country with fantastic people.
    Vila Nova de Gaia is town on the other side of the Rio Douro. In Vila Nova de Gaia there is more than 50 wine caves of Porto wine (vinho do Porto).
    few times I was in Galicia as it is close to Porto (about 120 kms). I was in Vigo and once I spent holidays in Bayona.
    While I was in Portugal, I wrote Portuguese dictionary , published on CD.

    cheers from Slovenia


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