Wednesday 29 October 2008

Redhill postbus, England

It was never posted but was sent to me inside a book, which would date it to 2004 approximately.  However it does say on the back that it was published by the Head Postmaster Redhill in October 1980.

Postbuses were started in 1967, in rural areas where there is little public transport, primarily in Scotland and Yorkshire.  However the south-east of England seems well served as this Redhill - Outwood service is one of several in the region.  They generally run only once or twice a day along with the mail deliveries.  They carry about 50,000 passengers a year.  It seems odd to me that a county so close to London would have so little public transport that a postbus is needed.


  1. That is so bizarre. I lived relatively near to Redhill for several months and did not even know of it. I would have loved a bit of extra help getting around that area. Busses ran every hour or every half hour and I began to long for South Africa's joke of a public transport system at times!

  2. To tell the truth I thought they'd given up on post buses, but it appears they're live and strong in some areas. A well-kept secret!

  3. Thank you for taking us back ages. This gives me a clear picture where we came from. This is treasure and need to be preserved. Well done.

  4. I like the bus. Very colorful. Quite unlike green and red and yellow decorated Pakistani busses, but still nice.


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