Thursday 9 October 2008

The Rock of Gibraltar

Postmarked Gibraltar, dated 3 October 1979.

North face of the Rock
This is the highest cliff
just over 1,100 ft in height.

Gibraltar is a British territory at the southernmost tip of Spain. Spain continues to claim sovereignty but this is fiercely opposed by local people. It is one of the most densely populated territories in the world, and met the constant demand for more space by land reclamation. About 10% of Gibraltar is land reclaimed  from the sea.
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  1. there's a vibrant marketplace in gibraltar... i once bought a leather jacket there that i wore for years. i remember finding it very odd (there where morrocco and spain meet) to see red british call boxes, and double decker buses!

  2. There's a saying...the Rock of this the rock? I love the picture on the postcard :)

  3. @Christina, yes it's very British. I've never been myself, but great friends of mine lived there for years.
    @MBL, yes, that is the rock! Though I think the more usual view is from the other side.

  4. i love the picture on postcard.

  5. What a very nice blog. Absolutely a beautiful postcard. I love all of them, there all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.


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