Wednesday 26 November 2008

A Dutch landscape

Postmarked Zwolle, dated 26 August 2008.

This card shows a typical Dutch landscape with flat countryside, green fields, a windmill, and a barge in a canal.  Although it may seem almost too typical to be true, I can say that it's exactly what you would see if you were on holiday by boat on a canal.  I can recommend a boating holiday in the Netherlands - a very peaceful way to see the countryside, and you see far more than you would by rushing past in a car.


  1. I will be happy read article and image on your blog. if I may suggest, maybe you can write and working through about borobudur temple at Indonesian. I thought it also place which nicely. thanks and see you....

  2. Elec-mechanical, thank you for the suggestion. Borobudur is a really lovely place but I only post postcards I receive in the mail.

  3. I like windmills...:)


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