Friday 12 December 2008

Fish and Chips

I found this card yesterday, and decided it had been designed specifically for my good friend, Relax Max from BritishSpeak,  who appears to think the fish and chip takeaway is the British national dish.  They make some very strange cards these days, but this must be one of the strangest.  Where on earth would you send it?  To someone particularly devoted to fish and chips I suppose.
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  1. To someone in the USA perhaps? I am sure RM can supply a list of suitable ex-GI's with experience of the Broads (see post on BS).

  2. What a nice postcard! Fish and chips...:)

  3. I love this postcard. It is a bizarre idea, but I LOVE fish and chips :)

  4. I fail to see the humor. Fish and chips RULE!

  5. British fish and chips are greasy, soggy and wrapped in newspaper.

  6. :) Thank you all!
    SloBite, it's many a long year since fish and chips were wrapped in newspaper! They don't necessarily have to be wrapped in anything if you eat them "on site".


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