Sunday 7 December 2008

The River Liffey, Ireland

Not postmarked, but dated June1975.

River Liffey: Dublin, Ireland's capital, was founded by Viking pirates over a thousand years ago.  It stands at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains, facing Dublin Bay, and is famous for its magnificent Georgian buildings and spacious streets.  The Four Courts, standing on the River Liffey, is one of the finest examples of Dublin's eighteenth century architecture.  Incidentally, Guinness, Dublin's famous stout, is not made on the water from this river - it comes all the way from Co. Kildare.

The summer of 1975 was very hot, and on the back of the card is the comment "There's a shortage of water in many areas, and people are actually buying water!"  This was well before it became fashionable to drink bottled water.

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  1. When I was growing up I always wanted to go to Ireland, and I still do. That is so beautiful Sheila, it makes me want to visit that much more, lol!

    I am still praying for you sweetheart. I hope you are having a good Sunday.


  2. Beautiful. Still can't make the connection with the railroad bride in Texas that fell down, but beautiful. Guinness may well have changed it's water source now. Viking pirates, eh? Didn't know that.

  3. It is beautiful, thanks Jodi. And don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I have some very good friends. :)

    Max, I have trouble with that connection with Texas too. A bride fell down? Did she drink too many toasts? Let me know if you find the answer. The pirates, though, I thought you might have guessed from the spirited, argumentative and belligerent character traits they left behind.

  4. A chara!

    Great find, lovely postcard.




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