Friday 9 January 2009


Postmarked Jonzac, date too faint to read but probably around 2003.

La Charente pittoresque
Les crus du Cognac
Sont repartis en deux grandes zones naturelles: les "Champs" ou Champagnes et les "Bois".  La Grande Champagne, la Petite Champagne, Les Borderies, les Fin Bois, les Bons Bois, les Bois Ordinaires, les Bois Communs sont les crus qui partagent la gloire de créer le Cognac.

Cognac, the drink, is made only in the precisely defined area around the town of Cognac in western France.  It is one of only three areas in Europe officially designated as brandy producers, the others being Armagnac in southwest France and Jerez in Spain. The area is sub-divided into the six zones shown on this card.  La Grande Champagne is considered the best and les Bois Ordinaires are at the bottom of the scale.  Bois Ordinaires and Bois Communs are alternative names for the same zone.

Although this is an interesting card because of the subject matter anyway, I've become especially fond of map cards, and other people specialise in them.  In case you hadn't noticed, I don't specialise in anything.  You can call it a mish-mash if you wish.  I call it eclectic.
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