Monday 26 January 2009

Northern Territory, Australia

Postmarked Cairns, dated 12 November 1993.

Top End Northern Territory
The Top End is the common term used to cover the part of the Territory north of Mataranka.  It has a rugged beauty, enhanced by rugged escarpments and spectacular waterways.
Pictured: Magentic Ant Hill, Dingo, Pelican, Brolga, Sand Goanna, Cathedral Ant Hill.
Photography by Wayne Zerbe.

This is the most northerly tip of the Northern Territory and is the second most northerly part of Australia.  It is lush, green and tropical, in contrast to the arid region further south. 

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  2. Sheila, I have always wanted to go to Australia, I think it would be so awesome. I want to go just to see the animals, lol! Have a great day Sheila.


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