Sunday 11 January 2009

Stephen's Green, Dublin

No postmark or stamp, but dated 8 July 1928.

Memorial Arch, Stephens Green, Dublin.

The memorial arch on the card is known as the Fusilier's Arch (or alternatively Traitor's Gate). It is at the Grafton Street corner and commemorates the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who died in Second Boer War. It was erected in 1907 and was quickly denounced by Irish nationalists which is when it became known as Traitor's Gate. Irish nationalists sympathised with the Boers, seeing them as a people oppressed by British imperialism, much like themselves.
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  1. nice card.. civil rights in all forms

  2. I hadn't known that about the Boer War before looking up some history to publish with this post. My education is coming on in leaps and bounds with all these cards.

  3. Hi am really enjoying looking through your cards. Like this one in particular as I am from Ireland

  4. @Geri, sorry I missed this comment. I'm glad you've enjoyed the cards. There are quite a few from Ireland.

  5. So the Boers were oppressed? What about the Zulus? I hate it when thieves complain when you take their ill-gotten booty. None of my business, I suppose, but the Mexicans are always complaining that the U.S. stole all their land and never mention who they got it from themselves. You knew this was a political post, right? :)

    1. I entirely agree, but I wanted to explain the name.


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