Tuesday 20 January 2009

Tenterden, Kent

Postmarked Ashford, dated 3 July 1981.

Tenterden Town Hall.  C 3937

The name Tenterden comes from the Old English "Tenet Waraden", meaning a clearing in the forest belonging to the men of Thanet.  It wasn't until Saxon times that there were any signs of a settlement in the area.  before that, in Roman times the whole area was covered in forest.  It became a great wool centre in the 13th and 14th centuries, with the advantage of access to the sea.  Ships were built in the town and at one time Teneterden joined the Cinque Ports, but now, as the result of changes to the coastline, the town is 10 miles from the sea.
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  1. Nice Card, is this the town where they discovered the ship in the foundation of the pub when they were moving it a few years ago ?

  2. Does anyone else find the cars are the one thing which really stands out in old postcards?

  3. Wow very pretty card Sheila.

  4. I love the "kent" area....the picture looks just how I remember it...cars and all!


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