Wednesday 7 January 2009

Washer woman fountain, Osnabrück

Postmarked Briefzentrum 49, dated 2 January 2009.
Brunnen "Die Waschfrau".

Osnabrück is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany.  This fountain at the Vitihof was created in the 1980s by Hans Gerd Ruwe.  He was born in 1926 in Osnabrück and is well-known for his large and often multi-figured pieces.  He created another fountain to celebrate the city's 1200 birthday.
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  1. Sheila I was stationed near Osnabruck in the late 1960's (before the piece was in place)at a place called Detmold. Brings back happy memories of that time as a soldier serving in West Germany with BAOR.
    Thank you.

  2. Interesting and imaginative. I like it.

  3. But who is working the handpump for the water to come out? Looks like the lady has her hands and legs full :) Very nice sculpture.

  4. It's a great fountain! I love it. TEFL Don, thank you for reminding me why the name Osnabruck is familiar. I couldn't think what it was I associated with it.

  5. I'm the one who sent her this card, so I'm really glad you lot like it :))


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