Friday, 20 February 2009

Friendship Friday: man's best friend

No postmark, dated 1928.
Published by J W B London E Series No 313.

Though I know it isn't intended to be funny, this card really does make me laugh.  The baby looks as though he has evil intent and the dog none too happy.  Why on earth anyone would want to buy anything like this is anyone's guess.  The message on the back says:
To little Jim, wishing him many happy returns of the day.
I hope he didn't run in fright when he saw the card!


  1. The picture of the St Bernard reminds me of my childhood. We had one in the village and it always used to slobber over us!

    It also tried to eat your ice cream.

  2. Hi Sheila... I see what you mean!
    My dog, in the beginning, wasn't happy with me poking the camera to her face. The result is the same as above -- *lol*. Happy FF to you and hope you'll have a great weekend :)

    Postcards Crossing

  3. The dog looks the happiest.

  4. This card should be filed under a creepy kid category. Happy Postcard Friday!

  5. @Mike, I think you're still harbouring some resentment over that dog!

    @Sreisaat, dogs do manage to make their feelings known, don't they. So do cats, I can tell you.

    @Martin, only very slightly happier. :)

    @Steviewren, creepy kid is exactly right.

  6. Although I would like to comment, little dogs are too scared of big dogs to hang around that long. So I can't comment. Hope you understand. :)

  7. @Max, this is a first. You, intimidated? That is impossible. :)

  8. I like this card. I grew up with dogs and I used to buy dog cards before I got a cat.

  9. I'll ditto the creepy kid comment! She needs an ice cream cone and a jar full of smiles.. and a cat!

  10. @Postcardy, glad you like it. I've never bought animal cards myself and most in my vintage collection seem to be cats.


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