Monday 16 February 2009


Postmarked Luxembourg, dated 9 February 2009.

Top row L to R
1. Rocher du Bock
2. Casemates
3 Tour espagnole
Bottom row L to R
4. Les 3 Tours
5. Circuit Vauban/Porte des Bons Malades

The fortress, the fortifications and its surroundings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I must admit that I had no idea quite how many of these sites three were in the world, until looking more closely at my postcards.  So many wonderful places to add to my must visit list. Even if funds were available, life span limitations must mean that I haven't any chance of seeing even the majority.  that would be a sad thought, if it weren't for the pleasure of my postcards.

This is the first card I have received from Luxembourg so I am especially delighted.

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  1. Quite amazing how much you can learn abhout a place just from a simple postcard.

  2. This is such a lovely postcard. Perhaps I should plan my trips in future around UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

  3. @Martin, it's amazing what I have learnt from this. I hadn't expected it to be so educational!
    @Emm, I believe people do exactly that - they "collect" the UNESCO sites.

  4. :o) Imagine collecting sites like that. Collect memories, leave only footprints. Nice idea!


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