Tuesday 24 February 2009


Postmarked Kingston NC, dated 28 November 2008.
Photos by Jonathan J Klein - Jim Abts.

I can't begin to tell you what there is in each of the small views.  I do see the Mayflower which transported the Pilgrims from Southampton to Plymouth, Massachusetts, via Plymouth in Devon.  I could guess at some of the others but I'm not at all sure, and some look like general view.  Does anyone know?
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  1. All except the sunset and autumn scenes look like they are place-specific (i.e. skyscrapers, lighthouses, etc that someone could identify), so I doubt these are generic shots.

  2. I'm sure you're right that they are specific, but they are small enough to make it hard to identify them, unless familiar.

  3. I’m not sure that I can tell you what they all are, but I will try to describe those I can identify.

    Starting at the upper left and going clockwise, that is a picture of some trees in autumn. I think autumn because of the leaves on the ground.

    To the right of that is some water and what appears to be a boat tied up to a dock of some sort.

    Next, of course, is probably a cricket thing. And to the right of that a sculpture of some man’s head.

    Then an ariel view of what appears to be a large city, presumably in Massachusetts somewhere.

    Below that, as you say, is the Mayflower. Although I am guessing it may actually be a replica since the real Mayflower went back to England and would now be about 800 years old.

    Below that is (this is mostly a guess) a store front of some kind with what appear to be windows.

    Other pictures are of buildings and some more water.

    An island with a white lighthouse or something on it?

    And a man with rather ill-fitting trowsers.

    I hope this has been of some help, Sheila. Thank you for the beautiful picture.

    Oh, and in the upper left is a picture of some letters that seem to spell out “MASSACHUSETTS” in capital letters.

  4. @Relax Max
    The trees in autumn - are you sure? I thought that was a carpet from last year's Oscars, now somewhat faded.

    That isn't a cricket thing. You should know by now that cricketers don't wear red socks.

    Some man's head, indeed, that discounts 50% of the population. Thanks for narrowing that down.

    A REPLICA of the Mayflower? People have been being deceived all these years? Shame on them.

    And you mean to tell me that all Americans don't wear trousers like that? Do I have to revise my mental image of you? Yet another disappointment.

    MASSACHUSETTS - I have been misreading this for I don't know how long. I thought it said "Macs Assets Hut". I was so sure you must live there.

    Thanks for all your help though, I know so much more now than I did a short while ago. :)

  5. Emailed to me by Postmuse 7 March.

    Starting lower right corner and moving clockwise around the outside... Beacon Hill brownstones, Custom House (I think... hard to decide in so small an image), Boston Light on Brewster Island, JFK Library in Dorchester, can't figure lower left, Trinity Church, Hancock Tower, generic autumn view (MA has only two seasons, leaves on the ground or snow on the ground), Rockport (or some other picturesque North or South Shore town), Fenway Park, another too small image I can't figure out, aerial of skyline with Harbor, Mayflower II.

    And in the center, starting with the gold dome building moving clockwise... capitol building, a familiar building but I can't figure it out, purple Cape Cod beach (perhaps Provincetown), another mystery picture, Charles River sunrise/set, Concord or Lexington Minuteman reenactment.


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