Wednesday 11 February 2009

Montreal stadium

Unused.  It probably dates from about 1988.

Le stade et le centre-ville au crépuscule
The stadium and downtown at sunset.
Photo Michel Degray

The stadium was built for the 1976 summer Olympics.  Designed by French architect, Roger Tallibert, the construction was beset by troubles including a strike.  The roof was still in France in 1982.


  1. Wow - that looks fantastic! I think I must go to Canada one day... but my 43 places lists is too full to add anything more at present.

  2. Unused. (At first I thought you meant the stadium. :)

    Well the Expos have gone. The baseball team you loved so well. Didn't they play there? I don't remember (Gone AND forgotten.) :( But they have other things there now.

    (Don't they?)

  3. Ummm... "Olympic Stadium", actually...

    In Montreal though, of course.

  4. @Emm, I understand it's something of a white elephant, rather like the dome in London.

    @Max, I started saying "unused" as opposed to "never posted" purely because you misunderstood that. What is there left for me to describe a card that hasn't been through the postal system? Other than that of course, because that's too long-winded.

  5. As far as the baseball team is concerned, I haven't the first clue what you're talking about. None. But you knew that anyway.

  6. Oh dear. Actually, since the O2 took over the dome and started holding concerts there, the O2 arena has become the most popular concert venue in London and it is impossible to get a table at one of the restaurants on a concert night. And there are concerts nearly every night!

  7. @Emm, I just hope some of the profit gets back to the tax-payer. Probably not. But at least it's being well used, which is more than could be said for the intervening six years or so.

  8. I agree - as a property lover, white elephants are my absolute worst thing!

  9. It looks like a place that is well worth a visit. It does look very strange, almost 'Star Wars' fashion.

  10. @Martin, yes very Star Wars! I had to look at it carefully to work out what it was.


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