Sunday 22 February 2009

Sackville Street, Dublin

No postmark, unstamped, but dated 18 June 1923.
Sackville Street showing O'Connell Monument, Dublin.

This card was sent just a year before Sackville Street was renamed O'Connell Street in 1924, in honour of Daniel O'Connell, a nationalist leader of the 19th century.  His statue by John Henry Foley is at the lower end of the street, facing O'Connell Bridge.

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  1. "In 2003 it was replaced by the Dublin Spike, a stainless steel monument 120 metres high."

    A mere metal spike? Sounds like one of those things that often leaves me disgruntled about modern sculpture.

  2. From what I can see in pictures, it looks pretty minimalist, to say the least.


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