Sunday 15 March 2009

Ain't Life Grand

I've been given this lovely award by Shauni, who is busy Juggling Teens. Not only do I get the award to boast about, but I have to tell you all five reasons why I think life's grand. So without further ado:

  1. Life's grand because I have a happy and healthy family.
  2. Life's grand because summer is on its way and the skies are blue.
  3. Life's grand because I can turn a switch and have light that lets me forget it's night time as I sit here preparing postcards.
  4. Life's grand because I can lean over the wall and talk to my neighbour, and five minutes later I can sit at my desk and talk to my sister half way around the world.
  5. Life's grand because I have such good friends, and in particular one very special friend who accepts me for what I am and seems to know me better than I know myself.


  1. Great five reasons! :)

  2. Life really IS grand, isn't it? We all should spend time appreciating the many reasons we enjoy life.

  3. Awwww how nice.
    I agree and Hold My Hand High, because You Sheila are a Great Friend.

    you deserve an award everyday

  4. Life is grand because I have a fever and am grumpy..wait...hmmm....

  5. Life is grand becausethere is apple pie baking in my oven:)

  6. Life is grand because of too many reasons to even name. And you deserve every single award you get.

  7. @Mei Teng, it was hard to reduce them to five.

    @Sherry, it does help to create a positive outlook on life.

    @RE, many thanks, and you're a great friend too.

    @Marie, I hope you feel better soon. But the pie sounds good!

    @Max, true, there are many, many reasons to think life is grand.


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