Tuesday 10 March 2009

Bear cubs

Postmarked with what looks like a postcode - N8W 4W0, dated 2 March 2009.  the stamp is pre-paid for posting worldwide.
Canada's Natural Beauty.
These adorable black bear cubs will grow to be big burly inhabitants of Canada's dense bush and forest.

This card came to me through postcrossing from another blogger, FickleMinded.  It's a small world!


  1. Small world indeed! :)
    thanks for posting and i'm glad you like it.

  2. great one.I swiped it for an AWWWW...Minday next week.I'll give you credit for the pic.I hope that you have a great day.mike G. said that.(it's an A.A.thing)

  3. That is cute! I have very strong memories of seeing two black bears romp about in the New Orleans zoo when I was a little girl!

  4. Very funny this postcards, Sheila.
    In France, bears are in Zoo.
    When they are free in forests, people kill them.

  5. Cute picture. Mother bear is probably not far behind, so be careful!

  6. That Postage Paid idea is cool.

  7. They are cute, aren't they? Thanks again FickleMinded.

    @Mike, you're very welcome to swipe! :)

    @Marie, I don't believe I've seen any ever.

    @Eddy, they're better off in the zoo then!

    @Max, I hear mother bears are very fierce. I won't be getting anywhere close.

    @Postcardy, very convenient, certainly, but I like to see real stamps. Call me old-fashioned!


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