Saturday 21 March 2009

The château, St Germain en Laye

Unused, bought around 1991.
8754 - Saint Germain en Laye (78100 Yvelines)
Le Château

St Germain en Laye is a prosperous suburb to the west of Paris.  A castle was first built on the site of the château in about 1122.  Louis XIV was born there and made it his main residence between 1661 and 1681.  After that he gave the castle to James II of  England (James VII of Scotland) who was exiled after the Glorious Revolution. James II lived there fo 13 years and was buried in St Germain church.

The gardens were designed by André Le Nôtre and include a 2.4 kilometre terrace which gives a view over the Seine and Paris in the distance.  When we lived nearby they were planning a motorway into Paris, and I suspect the terrace now has a great view of the motorway too.
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  1. Nice postcard indeed!

    Old châteaux -like this- always remind me of the people who lived there and I always wonder about how many events that happend in such places. And of course, amazing Architecture + Landscape

  2. Oooh, this is gorgeous!

    When are you retiring from EC out of interest?

  3. @Hicham, I love to think of the people who were there, the history they made, and to absorb the atmosphere. The architecture and gardens seem to me to be uniquely French. I don't know whether I'm accurate about that - I dare say there may be other similar places in different countries.

    @Alison, yes, gorgeous.
    I'm leaving in approximately 10 days. I'm accepting no new ads by disabling advertising and I have used up all current credits by going on an advertising spree. When the queued ads finish, any further credits I have accumulated will be given away and I'll close my account.

  4. Very nice! I really like your blog. I actually collect postcards, but I haven't gotten a new one in so long.

  5. Petula, if you'd like to exchange postcards, drop me an email to daily {dot} postcard {at} gmail {dot} com. In fact that goes for anyone else too.

  6. Sheila: Yeah, the architecture of the 12-13th however I think every place has its own flavour; so if we have two château built with the same architecture in two different countries, they are two different context, history, people ..etc.

  7. Hi Sheila. I've been away and only just caught up with you. A few years ago I went to a wedding at the English church not far from here. And we stayed in the hotel at St Germain where the reception was held. The convoy back there was quite an experience, with all the other drivers on the road exchanging hoots with us. We had time to walk in the g rounds of the chateau and a fair way along the terrace, enjoying the amazing views over Paris. Don't remember noticing a motorway though.

  8. @Hicham, yes, that's it. They have their own flavour.

    @jakill, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday! I adore French wedding convoys - such fun. That must have been from Maisons Laffittes, so quite a way into St Germain. I always wanted to have a look around the Château there, but never made it. I'm glad to hear the motorway isn't too obvious.


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