Friday 6 March 2009

Friendship Friday: who knows?

Postmarked Vaagjakoski, dated 10 February 2009.

Kiroileva Siili.

This card had me completely mystified for a long time.  The person who sent it translated the words as "Are my shots looking good?" which didn't help me.  After extensive research I found out that the little hedgehog is well known comic strip character in Finland.
The cursing hedgehog was born accidentally in autumn 2003 when I had just started my graphic design studies in Vantaa. It was the history of art class and I was kinda bored. So I decided to make some drawings in my notebook. And there it was! A comic strip where a little angry hedgehog refuses to eat worms!
I'm still none the wiser about the card itself, but it looks fun!


  1. It must have been a pleasant surprise to finally see the comic strip! My son loves hedgehogs. We're constantly checking out books from the library on these ittle guys. I'll have to show him this card!
    PS; I saw that you posted so I have already dropped your link into the Mr. linky:)

  2. I don't know if real hedgehogs live in U.S. but the only postcards I have seen with hedgehogs come from Europe. I have some cute ones with photos of stuffed hedgehogs, similar to Teddy Bears.

  3. he's a cute, inky hedgehog! :)

  4. Google says that he's asking if his needles are OK. Shots, needles, same difference.

  5. very funny card ;)
    Happy PFF...

  6. What a cute little guy! Anyone who chooses not to eat worms can't be all bad.

  7. What Chris said is interesting! Has he solved the mystery?

  8. @Mei Teng, yes, cute!

    @Marie, thank you so much for setting up the link for me. I've been away so I scheduled the post but was unable to do anything about the link.

    @fortuitous faery, very true!

    @Chris, that does explain it. :) I didn't persist long enough with Google.

    @Eddy, thanks. I'll be along soon to visit you - belatedly.

    @Muse Swings, true, worm eating isn't high on my list of culinary delights either!

    @Marie, yes I do believe he has. :)


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