Saturday 28 March 2009

Hyogo, Japan

Postmarked Takarzuka, dated 10 February 2009.
Himeji Castle during peak cherry blossom season / Hyogo prefecture.

This is one of the three famous castles in Japan, and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is also known as Shirasagijo Castle, meaning White Heron Castle, because of its colour.  A castle was first built on the site in the 14th century, demolished and the cirrent one finished in the 1609. 

It is white in colour because of the covering of plaster which both reinforces and fire-proofs the underlying wooden structure.  The main tower is 46.4 meters high. The castle's main defense is a complicated maze of routes with multiple dead-ends, leading up to the keep, but it was never attacked so whether this would have worked remains unclear.

It makes a  really stunning sight when combined with the cherry blossom.

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  1. Hi Sheila, a stunning beautiful and towering castle today.

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  3. great photo,I love the contrast.

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  5. Very awe inspiring. Especially when you realize it is 400 years old this year. The cherry blossoms make it look even more beautiful.

  6. What a wonderful blog you have! The card featuring the Himeji Castle is beautiful. I'd love for you to take a look at my 1st ever Postcard Friendship Friday contribution at Genealogy Traces. Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful cherry blossoms! Btw, why did you disabled ads on your entrecard?

  8. Thanks all!

    @Martin, it is spectacular, isn't it?

    @banquet manager, you're very welcome. :)

    @Mike Golch, it is a great shot, I love the angle.

    @Cheema, I see you have a postcard collection. I'd be more interested in that.

    @Max, thanks for picking up on the 400th anniversary. It floated through my mind at one point, and just as quickly floated out.

    @Judy, I have visited. :)

    @Mei Teng, I'm leaving Entrecard. I was waiting until the last ads finished, and I see they have now. I will remove my widget but I suspect it will take a while before the database catches up. I'm extending my blogroll and will keep in touch that way.

  9. Ok...but don't leave me :) Haha.


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