Wednesday 4 March 2009

Map of Sussex

Postmarked Hove and dated 5 August 2005.

The county of Sussex is a historic county and has been divided into East Sussex and West Sussex with separate local government. It is a county with a great deal of interesting history because of its position in the south-east of England.  Invaders arrived in that direction.

This was one of the earliest PostCrossing cards that I received.  There were so few of us in those days that not only did we find ourselves sending a card to someone nearby, but you were liable to find that you were exchanging cards with the same people.  Both happened in this case.
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  1. I must have been asleep for the last while because I know I've seen people talking about PostCrossing before but it never sank in!! I'd love to join but it has just occurred to me that I really, really owe post cards to all of my friends. Maybe I'll send some when I go to SA.

  2. It's a piece of history, thank you.
    I think it's in the Sussex took place the battle of Hastings in 1066 ?

  3. I remember Sussex. Hartfield. A. A. Milne and Christopher Robin Milne. And Winnie the pooh.

  4. @Emm, you can always join PostCrossing and just potter along at your own rate. There is no compulsion on sending cards at any frequency. If you were to send one a month, that would be fine.

    @Eddy, yes indeed! :) 1066 Guillaume le Conquérant! Interestingly though, the place where the battle took place is called Battle. It was an important place in 1066.

    @Max, yes Winnie the Pooh was in Sussex too. That was one of my childhood favourites, as for many people. And we all played Pooh sticks, of course.

  5. I'll definitely think on it!


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