Tuesday 14 April 2009

Algiers? - a mystery

Unused and undated.

....... - Assistance indigène et la Mosquée

The name of the town or city has been very carefully been scratched off this card.  On the reverse, the only printing is - Editions Photo-Africaines, 1, rue -. And again the rest has been carefully scratched off.  By searching for Editions Photo-Africanes, I found an address  in rue Feuillet, Alger, so I'm assuming that's where the card is from.  The mystery is why anyone would go to such trouble as to remove the place names.

I can't identify the view on the card so I will leave it without a location for now.


  1. I wonder if it is some type of hotel? It sort of looks like it could be, but then it some ways it kind of looks like some sort of hospital, rest home etc.

    I hope all is well with you Sheila.


  2. Quite an enigma, I hope it gets solved.

  3. Very strange, I love mysteries. I've thought about it and I can't come up with a decent motive :-( Maybe someone in the armed forces who can't reveal where they've been?

  4. Looks like it could be a train station. Perhaps it was bought by someone stationed there during WW II and s/he planned to send it home, but had to scratch out the exact location because of censors. And then the war ended and s/he went home. And then the postcard got put in a box that was stored behind the shoes that were too good to throw away but no one wanted to wear anymore. And then, the postcard ended up here for us all to make up stories about.

  5. There must be a story behind it. But I like the colours and the building. Looks somewhat mysterious.

  6. It is strange, is it not? But you know, I think PostMuse comes closest to what may have happened. There is a ring of truth about it - and my uncle, I'm sure, was in North Africa during the war. Sadly, it's too late to ask.


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