Friday 3 April 2009

PFF: Irish Lakes

Postmarked Cobn, dated 4 September 1946.
Carbo Colour postcard.
Published by Valentine & Sons, Ltd.

Eva Brennan, who wrote the words of the little rhyme, was an extremely prolific writer of ditties. Most Irish postcards between and soon after the World Wars had her words appearing on them.

The message on the back is:
We are having lovely weather, I don't think. Plenty of nice things to eat. Would wish you had come.
This was a card sent to my husband's grandfather from the woman he would eventually marry after his first wife died. The comment about things to eat may seem odd until you look at the date of 1946. Wartime rationing was still in full force in the UK, but not in Ireland.

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  1. This postcard is full of history.
    It's avery nice and interesting postcard.
    Happy PFF.

  2. very interesting, I suppose at that time the whole world was thinking about food.

  3. Interesting that the same writer had ditties on so many postcards.

    Brennan was my mother's maiden name.

  4. I love this beautiful card. thanks for putting the ryhme in context - fascinatng! Have a great PFF!

  5. My father has letters from his parents and relatives from the 40s and they almost all talk about food and what they had for dinner!

  6. The quality of printing on these cards is quite something. For the period I'm collecting in Canada (early twentieth century) there are excellent black and white cards but the coloured ones tend to be muddy.
    Thanks for sharing, Sheila
    Evelyn in Montreal

  7. I agree with Evelyn; the offset printing process was sometimes offset just a little too much. But this is a beautiful card, made all the more so by the fact that it's part of your family history.

  8. I love the tranquil scene and the poem. Food was a topic of discussion when there was so little variety to be had. My Uncle Bill stopped by to visit just 3 or 4 years after WWII and I at age 3 or 4 can still remember that he brought some of the most delicious Canadian bacon wrapped in a layer of corn meal. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of a treat that was still revered like gold 3 years after the rationing was over.

  9. What a beautiful card. I love the poem, too. Isn't it wonderful to have a piece of that history of your husband's grandfather? Thank you for sharing it.

  10. You won the postcard giveaway! Can you email me your address at:


  11. That is a beautiful view. I always like to read the message on the back of the card. It's fun to imagine the real people.

  12. Thanks to all of you for visiting, and leaving your great comments!

  13. A real treasure, indeed... Enjoyed the history with this postcard! Thanks for sharing...


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