Wednesday 3 June 2009


No postmark, dated August 1978.
Ireland, an island, is the most westerly country in Europe and covers an area of 32,524 sq. miles.  Its greatest length is 302 miles and its greatest width is 189 miles and no part is more than 70 miles from the sea.  The country is divided into four historic provinces, Ultster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht.  Ireland's fascination is legendary.   The unique beauty of its landscape and its rich historic and artistic associations have long made it a favourite resort of tourists.
John Hinde 2/483
I'm a little short of time and haven't been able to identify the castles shown.  Can anyone help?
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  1. I desperately want to go to Ireland! Francois has been there a zillion times on business and keeps on rubbing it in:)

  2. I think the castle in the bottom left is Blarney Castle. I've not been there for many years, but there is a similar view if you do a Google image search.

  3. @Marie, it's a very long time since I was in Ireland, so I'd love to go back too.

    @Matt, you could well be right. I need to do a bit of research for the other.

  4. The castle in the middle is the Rock of Cashel, taken in the early 1970s. Look closely and you will see a very High Cross. Unfortunately it was blown down by a storm in January 1976 and the pieces now lie at the base of the cross. The castle at the bottom is Kilkenny Castle, originally the seat of the Dukes of Ormonde.

  5. Is Ireland really the most westerly country in Europe? Because on the map Portugal looks to me to me very westerly too.

  6. I copied the blurb from the back of that card, so I've had to go and look it up. :) According to Google maps, yes, the most westerly parts of Ireland (10.5 degrees west of Greenwich) are very slightly further west than Portugal (9.4 degrees west of Greenwich).


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