Sunday 14 June 2009

Paya, Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Postmarked Rawalpindi, dated 7 May 2009.
Paya (3079 m) is a vast expanse of undulating alpine meadows in the lower part of Kaghan Valley.  Standing well above the valley in the dense pine woods, this high summer pasture offers excellent views of neighboring peaks.  From Kiwai (24 km from Balakot) a road goes upwards to the popular hill station of Shogran where a jeep track leads to the summer settlements of Siri and Paya.

Not only is this a stunning card, but it's the first I've ever had from Pakistan.  I was sad to find out that this beautiful area was affected by the earthquake in October 2005.


  1. Boy now I'm depressed.. thanks for giving me an excuse to eat far too many biscuits..:)

  2. How lovely...I've never seen a postcard from Pakistan before.

    Im sorry to hear they had an earthquake.

    Beautiful postcard.


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