Monday 6 July 2009

Gloucester Cathedral, Lady Chapel

Postmarked London, dated 9 September 1951.

This is the first of the cards sent to me by Alison of Eleanor Blog.  It is of the Lady Chapel in Gloucester Cathedral, part of the cathedral show on the modern card I posted last year.

The message is interesting:
My holiday really finished - shall be on a train for home in 1 hour's time.  Put my uncle into his monastery last night after spending 4 days still showing him around. Have visited Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.  The Cathedral here in Gloucester is superb - you MUST see it.  Hope you had a good trip back - still very grateful for your care of my place.
I would endorse the recommendation of a visit to the cathedral.  It is really beautiful, especially the cloisters.

Unused, bought July 2008.
Gloucester Cathedral
The west walk of the cloister.

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  1. That second postcard is an exquisite photo!

  2. I love all those names like Cheltenham, Tewkwesbury, and Gloucester. The Cathedral looks pretty amazing as well.

  3. I bought it myself last year, Emm, intending to use it on PostCrossing, and now can't bring myself to part with it. :)

  4. @Decartes. the cathedral IS amazing. The names seem pretty ho-hum to me. Depends on how you pronounce them I suppose. :)


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