Saturday 4 July 2009

The Statue of Liberty for Independence Day USA

Unused and undated, but I believe it was sent to me inside a book in 2004.

I was looking for a card suitable to wish my American friends a happy July 4th, when I came across this card.  I'm so glad I did because in trying to find out more, I have learnt so much.

  • The statue, officially named "Liberty Enlightening the World", was a gift from the French nation to the USA, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.  
  • A smaller model was first built and is now in the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • The designer of the internal structure was Maurice Koechlin who designed the Eiffel Tower.
  • It functioned as a lighthouse for 16 years.
  • The sandstone in the base is from south west Scotland.
  • It is to re-open for tourism today.
I know there are many, many more things to tell about the statue, but these are the ones that have stayed in my mind.

I wish everyone a happy July 4th!

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  1. Nice post for the holiday. Yes, for the first time since 9-11 people can walk all the way up to her crown. I was there once in 1985 when our adopted sons became citizens, and we walked all the way up.

  2. Howdy Sheila
    Great card.
    Thank you from an American friend :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings of joy to you.
    Happy Trails

  3. Happy 4th July to all Americans!


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