Saturday 22 August 2009

Burtonport, Ireland

Postmarked Falcarrach, dated 26 August 1972.

Burtonport, Co. Donegal:  This fishing village is an important centre of the herring fishing in West Donegal..  In addition to its harbour which shelters the fleet, it has a curing station which gives much employment in the herring season.  The coastline here is very broken and there are numerous islands off-shore.  The largest of these is Aran, or Arranmore Island famous for its magnificent cliff scenery and marine caves.  A motorboat may be hired at Burtonport for trips to the islands.
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  1. I'm Irish--Dad says we're of Celtish Irish descent. Anyhow, someday I shall visit that green land. Beautiful postcards

  2. Well,this one brings back memories!!!

  3. Herring? I never knew. Beautiful place though. I would love to visit the islands and see the sea caves.

  4. Lovely John Hinde Original Postcard !


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