Tuesday 18 August 2009

Paris for lovers

Postmarked Paris, dated 23 October 2008.
Arc de Triomphe

I love this card - it has a story to tell.  I know there is only one cup of coffee there, but there are far too many croissants for only one person, even when that one person is me.  Therefore, someone else is expected to arrive....

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  1. I can still remember the traffic mayhem around the Arc when I visited Paris for a weekend in 1998, while I was living in London. By contrast your postcard is a picture of peace and tranquility.

  2. Mayhem is exactly how to describe it! I did try driving around once or twice, but it's not an experiment I'd like to repeat. So I suppose the card isn't truly representative, but I do like it.

  3. Paris the romantic city. Croissant and coffee on the menu? :)

  4. I love Paris! Definitely a romantic city!


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