Sunday 16 August 2009


Postmarked Briefzentrum 89, dated 17 July 2009.
Ulm an der Donau.

Ulm, in the south of Germany, is on the Danube.  It has two particular claims to fame: the Ulm Minster has the world's highest steeple (until 1901 it was the world's tallest building); and Abert Einstein was born in the town. 

In the picture, just to the right of the church, you can see the pyramid shape of the public library.  The mountains in the background, I think they must be the Alps.
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  1. What a beauty of a town, Sheila! Thanks for sharing! And oh yes, down in the Village (Greenwich Village) there is George Washington Park and that's where that arch resides! The street you see through the arch is the famous 5th Avenue that runs all the way uptown! :)

  2. My pleasure, Mary. :) It's an attractive card, I think, with the frame of trees and greenery.


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