Sunday 6 September 2009

Shanghai, China

I can't read the postmark, but the card was sent to me on 15 February 2009.  It took 136 days to reach me!!  The postal service between the UK and China can be incredibly erratic - anything from a respectable 7 days to this.

It is a card showing the mascot for Shanghai's Expo2010, Haibao.  It was chosen because of its shape, based on the Chinese character ٨ which means people.  That symbol, by the way, isn't the correct character but it was the nearest approximation I could find.  The motto for the Expo is "Better City, Better Life".

The card is quite special to me because it was the first card sent by this Chinese Postcrosser.


  1. I hope that Chinese Postcrosser had their faith restored once this card finally arrived! It must have been depressing thinking that your first card was lost (or worse, received by someone who didn't bother to register it).

  2. Wonderful blog! Am new to the on-line postcard world, and can't believe what a big world it is. I am posting a postcard a day also. If you get a chance, let me know what you think:

  3. Very lovely street view. Hugs from Philippines

  4. Such a sweet looking postcard. I have yet to visit Shanghai. People say it's a great place to visit.


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