Saturday 17 October 2009

Abu Nawas Street in Baghdad, Iraq

The postmark which I can't read, is dated 27 August 2009.
Abu Nawas at night - Baghdad

Abu Nawas Street was once one of Baghdad's most famous streets, known for bars, restaurants and nightclubs, with a park along the river where people could picnic.

The river is the Tigris which rises in Turkey, is the border between Syria and Iraq for 44 km, and then flows through Iraq to the Persian Gulf.  It joins the Euphrates at Basra and there becomes the Shatt al-Arab though it's thought that in ancient times the two rivers ran into the Gulf independently.  I well remember history lessons and having to draw maps of the two rivers.

I'm very glad that I do recall those history lessons, because otherwise the only reason to know the names would be horribly sad.
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  1. This looks incredibly beautiful...though I wonder if it is still so after war torn years.

  2. A postcard from Baghdad - almost a sign of hope for a new normalcy some day?
    Evelyn in Montreal

  3. Mesopotamia!

    I wonder if this part of Baghdad is in the "Green Zone" - I sure hope so. It would be a pity to destroy such beauty.

  4. @Rnsane, I somehow doubt it.

    @Evelyn, the sign of hope you mention reminds me of the stamp on the envelope - it was promoting an Iraq Tourist Week. Now that's hope.

    @Redbeard - Mesopotamia it was! I believe people do now go out and enjoy Abu Nawas Street.

  5. Love your Baghdad postcard. My blogsite deals with ancient Iraq & Iran thru Bible prophecy.




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