Monday 23 November 2009

Deal Castle

This lovely view of Deal Castle in Kent, on the south coast of England, is clearly postmarked Deal, and dated 18 August 1911.  The date will become significant.

The castle is one of 30 castles or forts built by Henry VIII between 1539 and 1540, all along the south coast, in an effort to prevent invasion.  It is shaped like a Tudor rose, with a central, low circular tower, and six semi-circular bastions over-looking its outer wall.  In this outer wall are six more, much larger, bastions.  It eventually became the official residence of the Captain of the Cinque Ports until the residence was destroyed by World War II bombing.

The message is interesting because for onec there is a some mention of the current affairs of the day.
Dear A.
Just a line to say we like Deal very much. I hope you are enjoying your visit and are quite well. Does Reg keep you posted up with newspapers? How terrible all these strikes are.  There are so many places of interest in and around Deal.
Love from all.
The strikes mentioned are a reference to a wave of unrest leading to riots and strikes across the country.  Several key industries were affected.
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  1. Thanks for the history of Deal Castle. I'll have to get my friends to take me when/if I can ever afford to get back to England.

  2. Henry the eighth? I didn't know that. That's a lot of construction in one year.

  3. @RNSANE, there are an awful lot of castles in Kent - you'll be kept busy!

    @Max, I think he must have had someone to help him.


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