Monday 2 November 2009

Le Havre

I found this card in a flea market, dated 23 October 1988, but without a postmark.  I was pleased to find it because I've passed through Le Havre many times, usually without stopping, and I have never bought any postcards from there.

The centre and port of Le Havre was completely destroyed during the later stages of World War II, by allied bombing, something that was inevitable under the circumstances but disturbs me nevertheless.  Plans for rebuilding were started in 1945 and took 20 years to complete.  The architect was Auguste Perret whose vision for the town has resulted in a uniformity of design and inclusion on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

The building shown prominently on the card is the "Volcan" cultural centre, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.  It opened in 1982, a few years before this card was sent.  In the background you can see the tower of St Joseph's Church, probably the most recognised symbol of Le Havre's rebuilding.  It can be seen right out at sea.
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  1. I keep thinking that, one of these days, on a cruise, I'll visit Le Havre. Or, since I have wonderful British friends who live in Rye, perhaps I'll be visiting them when they make their treks to Le Havre on their liquor buying expeditions!

  2. the alies were mainly after the sub pens that were there.Unfortunaly the town was destroyed as well.

  3. @RNSANE, Le Havre is worth a visit I think, but you couldn't describe it as pretty. Very interesting though.

    @Mike, thanks for that information. I don't think they've kept anything of them, or not as far as I know. I did see the pens and submarine in St Nazaire a few years ago.

  4. It looks like a giant tennis shoe.


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