Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Leaning Tower of ... Suurhusen

This was sent to me as a replacement Postcrossing card, the original having gone astray.  It can't be often that post goes missing between Germany and the UK, but one certainly did.  This one is postmarked Briefzentrum 47 and dated 22 October 2009.

I keep looking at this card in some amazement at the leaning tower.  It is apparently leaning by 5.2 degrees, more than a degree more than Pisa.  The original church was shortened in 1450 and a tower built on an oak foundation which was preserved in the marshy ground.  In the 19th century the land was drained and the tower started to lean.  In 1926 the spire was removed in a first attempt to stop further progression.  The leaning continued to increase and in 1982 it had to be secured, and again in 1989.  Since then it seems, fortunately, to have stopped.

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  1. I love this! It is one of those places, like the Corn Palace in South Dakota, USA, that isn't really famous, but gets stuck in my mind as a destination to be added to my "to see" list.

  2. My goodness--I wonder how they handle life within? Chairs with varyied sized legs? Tables as the same? WOW!

  3. @PostMuse, I'd love to create a list of places just like this. I'm interested in World heritage Sites and other famous places, but there are so many hidden treasures to be found.

    @Beth Niquette, I can't imagine what it can be like. I think I'd have a dizzy spell.

  4. That cannot be safe! What a great image it is!

    Thanks for the postcard today Sheila, I'll drop something in the post for you soon!


  5. Hi Andy! I wouldn't go in there, certainly! I'm glad the card got to you safely. I was concerned about the strikes.

  6. Not so famous like the one in Pisa. It deserves to get its moment in the spotlights.


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