Tuesday 10 November 2009

The Reader

This card was sent to me from the Netherlands, postmarked Zwolle and dated 30 October 2009.  It is a card apparently produced in France
Le Liseur (anonyme)
The Reader
2008 Hulton-Deutsch Collection
Editions Désastre - 75006 Paris

Is it a man in a bookshop? Or ... what? I can't work out quite what it is but the idea of being surrounded by books like that most definitely appeals to me.

There are two attractive stamps on the card:

The stamp above is one of the seasonal stamps for December, and the one below is from a sheet of stamps dedicated to five charitable organisations, in this case the charity being De Zonnenbloem (the sunflower).  It has been in existence for 60 years and provides social contact and opportunities to people who may be isolated by illness, disability or age.
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  1. Oooo... this postcard reminds me of an old television series called Twilight Zone. There was an episode call Time Enough at Last where a man who loves to read but whose wife won't let him, finds himself alone with all the books in the world when a bomb destroys the world while he is reading in a bank vault on his lunch hour. It is one of my favorite shows of that series.

  2. It looks like he has enough to keep him busy for a good while!

  3. Reminds me of a bookshop in Eastbourne, Sussex that I visited last year. Not easy to move around, and who knows what treasures were buried amongst the stacks of books.

  4. @PostMuse, I used to watch the Twilight Zone too, though I didn't know that episode. Now that I've read the synopsis - yes!

    @rnsane, should do!

    @wanderinggenealogist, I love that sort of bookshop, though it can be frustrating too, if you're looking for anything specific.

  5. he is reading in a bank vault on his lunch hour. It is one of my favorite shows of that series.
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