Saturday 16 January 2010

The Boston Stump

The Boston Stump, or more properly St Botolph's Church of the Parish of Boston, is 700 years old, give or take a decade.  The building started in 1309 but it was 70 years later before it was finished.  One of the vicars in the 17th century, John Cotton, followed the Pilgrim Fathers to America and was responsible for founding a new Boston there.

This card, bought in the early 1960s and never used, gives a good idea of the height of the tower which can be seen for miles around.  And of course, the reverse is true - from the top of the tower, you can see for miles, they say 32 miles.   To check that out, I recommend that you visit The Daily Photo Gallery belonging to John of English Wilderness fame.
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  1. There's a great view of Boston Stump from my window. It looks quite spectacular at night. From the walkway (just below the biggest arch) it's possible to see Tattershall Castle and Lincoln Cathedral.

    The Magna Carta was displayed in The Stump recently. Some friends came to visit so it gave me the perfect excuse to take them up the tower. :-)

  2. I'll bet it does have a spectacular view! I don't think I'd make it up the steps, though!!

  3. great postcard, I love the stories they all have behind them. Thanks for sharing! PFF

  4. I didn't know where the name Boston came from in America. I had thought it was named after the terrier. So I learned something. :)

  5. @John, what a great view to have from your window! I can't resist going up towers.

    @Carmel, I once went up 392 steps, so they say. It certainly felt like it.

    @Lyneen, hello to you and thanks for your visit.

    @Max, why do I find that hard to believe? :)

  6. What an amazingly beautiful church. The time period fits right into what I'm studying as well.


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