Thursday 14 January 2010

A picnic on the grass

Every so often you see an image that sparks something in your imagination and here is one that has done just that for me.  A card arriving last week from Norway of a painting by Helena Ferm Saliba has done just that.   

A picnic can mean so many different things, a makeshift meal, an outing with the children or, I like to imagine, a romantic meal for two outdoors.  And it must be just that here.  Look at the meal: only enough for two - bread and fruit in the basket, cheese and grapes on the plate, a bottle of what looks very like champagne and two glasses, all on a cloth laid in the meadow and surrounded by blossom.

There is a girl's straw hat on the cloth but where has she gone?


  1. She may have gone down to the stream to check on the beer they've placed there to cool. :) A very nice picture.

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  3. The picture looks fantastic. This is how all picnics should be. :-)


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