Sunday 3 January 2010

A Viking ship, Pegwell bay

Pegwell Bay in the extreme south east corner of England emerged from the seas something like 80 million years ago, eventually to become a favoured site for the invasion of Britain.  First came the Romans, then the Vikings, and eventually St Augustine, who hailed from Algeria.  Others chose different routes.  We're very used to being invaded in Britain.

This unused card shows a Viking Ship on display in Pegwell Bay.  It's a replica, but it sailed to Kent from Denmark in 1949 to celebrate the invasion of Britain some 1500 years previously.  Interesting question:  how many years does it take to change an invasion from a defeat into a celebration?

The ship is on view all year round, but only from outside the fence.  In winter it has a protective covering.


  1. That is TOTALLY fascinating. How wonderful. I love ancient history and I love this postcard. VERY cool!

  2. Howdy
    What a fabulous card.
    I really enjoyed the history behind this one.
    You also ask a very good question.
    It is strange that invasions turn into celebrations .
    There are a lot of strange things in life :)
    Thank you for sharing all the great information today.
    I had a wonderful time visiting.
    Happy Trails

  3. Wow - that must be really close to me! I'll have to try visit one day.

    I smiled when I read your line about defeats into celebration. In South Africa it was so funny when the new government was voted in in 1994 - overnight we had to change the spirit of all of our public holidays. Our version of Thanksgiving became "day of reconciliation"!

  4. Still covered up at the moment, is there a specific date each year for taking the covers off? Or just when the weather improves.

  5. It seems to be a vague decision they make. I enquired and was told that the cover will come off at Easter or thereabouts, but no firm date. I suppose it does depend on the weather.


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