Sunday 28 February 2010

Motor City

This card, which I found on my doorstep today, came as a complete surprise to me in more ways than one.  How someting posted in Albuquerque New Mexico on 3 December 2009 could take quite so long to reach me is anybody's guess.

Detroit's waterfront shows a variety of architectural styles.  The post-modern neogothic spires of the Comerica Tower at Detroit Center (1993) were designed to blend with the city's Art Deco skyscrapers.  Together with the Renaissance Center, they form a distinctive and recognizable skyline.
The Comerica Tower is the pointy one to the right of the centre group.  The Renaissance Center (and you have no idea how hard it is for me to  spell it like that) is the headquarters of General Motors on the extreme right.  I'm working on identifying some of the others, all beautiful buildings.

If, as of course I frequently do, I pictured Detroit in my mind, this wouldn't have been the scene.  I didn't even know it had a waterfront.

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  1. Sheila,
    Would you the Light Fandago post to be an entry in the Light Festival?
    If so, please let me know.

  2. Amazing what PR people can do! I thought Detroit was one big car factory with cigar chewing gangsters on the street corners but in this card it looks almost ok :)

  3. I'm from Metro Detroit, and yes we do have waterfront. It's the Detroit River. You're at better identifying the building than I though..I can't tell which is which..

  4. well there has been the cases where it took decades for mail to reach someone.

  5. I think this must have been taken from the other side of the river... from Windsor, Ontario. I may be wrong.

  6. Definitely taken from the Windsor side across the Detroit River. The tallest building in the center cluster with the tower is the Penobscot Building, completed in 1928. It was the tallest building in Detroit until completion of the Renaissance complex in 1977. The round low building in the foreground of the center cluster of buildings is Cobo Hall, a convention and sports arena. In the 1960's, when my brother and I were still wet behind the ears, we took the 13-mile bus ride to Cobo Hall for the annual auto show. Never once saw a cigar smoking gangster.

  7. @Evelyn, I have emailed you, thanks.
    @Keith, it's certainly not as I imagined.
    @Icy BC, Wikipedia is a wonderful tool! :)
    @Mike, that is true, and I think I've had some equally slow as this one.
    @Max, I always forget it's another country on the other side of the river.
    @Kris, great information! Thank you for all of that. Not even one gangster? Not even a little one? :)

  8. Nope, Sheila, not a single one but my cousin was John Dillinger.


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